Raw Dickin It 6: Hardcore Fuckers

Its Finally back…..the Raw Dickin It Series has returned in an EXPLOSIVE way….. RAW DICKIN IT 6: HARDCORE FUCKERS only on Cocostore.com. Title will also soon be available on Flavaworks.com, AEBN.com and Moviedollars.com or Gayhotmovies.com.


  Raw Dickin It returns with hot and freaky new models. What you all loved about the Raw Dickin It series from Rockafellaz Entertainment has finally returned after 3 years.

Originally CEO of Rockafellaz Entertainment, Rock Rockafella decided to end the series and work on other DVD titles.  During that time off, Rock realized that the fans loved the Raw Dickin It DVDs and the aggressiveness and raunchiness that it brought to the screen.

Thought long and hard,  Rock got back in and slammed it with a hot new release for 2014.


Make sure you check it and don’t miss out on all the hot Raw Dickin It action.


Its that time again everyone.  Flava Men is preparing for the 5th Annual Blatino Awards and you are being invited to be part of the voting process. Cast your votes by visiting the site and entering your votes in each category.  

Nominations end on September 30th so make sure you cast your vote. Be sure to also verify you submission by email.  Once you click verify in the email that is sent after your nominations, they will be counted.  If you do not verify by email, your vote will not be counted. 

The award ceremony will be held in Atlanta, GA during MLK weekend 2015, so don’t miss out. 

Here are a look at the categories for this year:


        Best Black Club - East Coast
        Best Black Club - Midwest
        Best Black Club - South
        Best Black Club - West Coast

        Best Latin Club - East Coast
        Best Latin Club - Midwest
        Best Latin Club - South
        Best Latin Club - West Coast

        Best Club DJ - East Coast
        Best Club DJ - Midwest
        Best Club DJ - South
        Best Club DJ - West Coast

        Best Club Promoter - East Coast
        Best Club Promoter - Midwest
        Best Club Promoter - South
        Best Club Promoter - West Coast


        Best Gay Artists

        Best Porn Blog
        Best Entertainment Blog
        Best News Blog
        Best Tumblr Blog

        Best Twitter Channel
        Best You Tube Channel
        Best Vine Channel

        Best Social Hookup App

        Best Exotic Dancer - East Coast
        Best Exotic Dancer - Midwest
        Best Exotic Dancer - South
        Best Exotic Dancer - West Coast


        Best Black Porn Site

        Best Latin Porn Site

        Best Porn Director

        Best Acting Top
        Best Acting Bottom
        Best Acting Versatile
        Best Newcomer
        Most Notable Porn Star

        Best Escort - East Coast
        Best Escort - Midwest
        Best Escort - South
        Best Escort - West Coast


Chicago Black Pride 2014 

Chicago Black Pride was a success.  Being my first time attending and being part of this years events here in Chicago, I was very glad that I did.  

RAILES MARKETING GROUP AND  CLUBHOUSE / URBANO set the tone for the weekend and all the parties were packed with attendance. 

So many people turned out and the parties were packed.  Checkout the images from Club Nikki.















Much love and appreciate goes out to Bob and Bernard for a great and turnt up Pride weekend.

Check out all upcoming parties and events by clicking the link below. 



Sup everyone this I had to make sure that I informed you all that I will be in Chicago for pride this year.  Should be fun and everyone should come out and get turnt the fuck up. Lots of parties and lots of DVD give aways from Rockafellaz and Flavaworks. 

Rock in Action Again on Rawrods.com

Update on Rawrods.com starring the Gangsta of Porn himself, Rock Rockafella. 

You can catch Rock in this hot scene with Cocodorm model Leon Holt and an appearance by another dorm model Daniel Thompson.  

Rock is teaching a class called Pornology 101, which the basics of doing porn and some of the important do’s and don’t’s in the industry.  He decided to have Leon assist in a classroom demonstration. 

It started off with some ass eating and well, we all know what happened then.  How do you think Leon did in taking that big country dick of Rock Rockafella.  

Make sure you check it out along with the other hot scenes on Rawrods.com